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We are a small, but passionate team who are committed to helping others keep all their personal information and data, safe and secure in one place, a digital footprint to become a digital legacy.

Our team is focused on creative solutions and digital security so you have a beautiful, safe place to store your important memories, stories, documents, passwords and wisdom for always.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need to know more!

Suke Ridler

Suke Ridler

CEO & Founder

Suke was inspired to create BioJars after a near-death experience that had a profound effect on her together with not being able to find information when relatives died, which resulted in family conflict & legal action.

Her career as an entrepreneur commenced when she established and began operating a family Vineyard, Winery & Cellar Door in the NSW town of Mudgee. Ever-versatile, Suke also ran a heritage breed of sheep, having learned to birth lambs from YouTube videos.

Suke grew up in London, had a 20-year career as a Consulting Engineer in Acoustics both in the UK & Australia, before spending time as a Physics Teacher. She has qualifications from the Universities of Southampton, Heriot-Watt and Cambridge in engineering and teaching.

It’s never the right time to organise all our personal information together, to make it easier for our family as well as ourselves if disaster strikes… but we have to make time.” – Suke Ridler

Man of Mystery

Andrej Simec

Information Security

Andrej Simec has over 20 years’ experience in premium digital Broadcast Media and Telecommunications platforms, and has worked with Telstra, Disney Television Singapore and Limelight Networks Singapore. His main skill set covers the technical aspect of digital content security.

During his career, Andrej has directed the technical selection, integration design and production implementation of various digital rights management and anti-piracy solutions for a wide range of consumer devices.

As well as holding a Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney, majoring in Computer Science, Physics, and Pure Mathematics, Andrej is a US-approved patent co-contributor in anti-piracy.

Andrej is committed to helping the content uploaded to BioJars remain safe and secure for the people who have authorised access.

Stephen Hogben

Stephen Hogben

Business & Technology Advisor

Stephen is an advisor to BioJars. He has had a 35-year career holding senior roles in telecommunications, IT and media – which include information and communications security advisor roles to Australian Department of Defence, and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

An experienced manager, Stephen’s strong innovation skills have led him to develop several patents in telecommunications and media security. Alongside Andrej Simec, Stephen developed an important patent in content protection security, and also two additional content security patents in Australia and US, which were both sold commercially.

Stephen is focused on making sure BioJars leverages the latest digital technology so the platform is easy to use and safe.

Pat Purcell

Patrick Purcell

Software & Systems Architect

Patrick has had broad exposure to all commercial aspects of digital application design, development, sales, marketing and customer support. In the past, as a software architect, senior engineer and team leader with a large international corporation, Patrick gained global experience leading teams of engineers located in both Sydney, Australia and Beijing, China. He was the technical architect for a web-based, Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, global project accounting, governance and management system. 

Patrick is also the Managing Director & producer for Winter City Productions. Winter City is an entertainment brand that is focused on digital and print content creation. To-date, Winter City Production’s flag-ship product, “Winter City: Every sin has a price” the comic book series, has received significant critical appraise and is stocked in comic book stores across Australia.

Patrick is using his extensive experience to build a responsive platform with an exceptional user experience.

About You

Our Valued User

The people who use BioJars understand the importance of finding somewhere safe and secure to store documents, information and memories.

As a user, we know you’re excited to have a single place where you can share stories and other emotional and practical aspects of your life with the people who are closest to you now and those yet to come.

We want you to enjoy the creative elements of your site as you upload images, photos and stories to your collection of BioJars. We are also working hard to make sure you have peace of mind that your information, passwords and login details can only be accessed by the people you want to see them.

Enjoy creating your digital legacy with BioJars!