Frequently Asked Questions

BioJars is a secure online, mobile responsive platform where you can write your life story using prompts and capture personal & business documents in one place.

You can invite family and friends to join your tribe and decide when (using the Timelock) and with whom (using the Secret Keeper) specific memories and certain information is shared.

You can assign your Guardians should anything happen to you. You can also write a Legacy Bio of someone that you have loved and lost, add them to your Resting Wall and print out their life book.

You can sign up for a free account for an unlimited period of time and start to use the Memory Jars and Things Jars and create Life and Legacy Bios for your account. It is like a personal LinkedInTM so that you can organise your affairs now and write your legacy for later.

We take the security of your content seriously. All content uploaded onto our Platform (unless uploaded with a public setting in the Secret Keeper) is encrypted on transit and during storage so it is safe.

BioJars uses two independent level of security protection. The first level comprises all of the most secure versions of built-in security features that are available in computers, tablets, mobiles, and cloud storage systems. This combination of features provides a fully encrypted solution for the transmission of user content to our cloud storage facilities, and for its storage. This encryption is both individualised to users and to the content.

The second and completely independent level of security – which is unique to BioJars – is specially designed encryption engine technology that uniquely protects each and every item of content before it is stored. This guarantees that even if the most secure publicly available security features of Microsoft & Apple computers, Android & Apple phones and Amazon cloud services were breached, then the BioJars items would still be secure. This independent security is managed by a system that has no outside connectivity and therefore can’t be connected to by a hostile attacker. It is uniquely encrypted per item, and has features such as time unlocking and security rules that mean when it is downloaded or uploaded by a user it only exists in intermediate transmitted system, or caches, momentarily.

You decide the level of privacy by selecting the Public or Private setting in your Edit Bio page.

If you set to Public, your Bio will appear in Bio Searches and display your Profile Image, Name and Locality. Memories and Things will divert to their individual Secret Keeper Settings.

If you set to Private, your Bio will appear in search, but only your first and last name will be displayed. Profile image and all other identifying details will be concealed. This will also conceal Memories and Things that have the Public Secret Keeper setting. Members of your Tribe will still see all your Bio and Memory/Thing content as normal.

Who can see your important documents will depend on what Secret Keeper and Time Lock settings you assign each document when you upload or edit a Thing.

A Guardian to your account can read or edit your information depending on the rights that you set for them in both life and after you have passed.

BioJars is not legally binding on Executors or any other parties. Legally binding documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorneys & Advance Care Directives can be prepared by a solicitor then uploaded to BioJars to be stored encrypted.

BioJars can assist Executors that have been granted access rights as Guardians to view documents they may require in a timely manner and find where the originals are located.

There have been many breaches in security of data, particularly but not limited to social media profiles. People are now more than ever are aware of how their personal data can be used, lost or accounts hacked and then have to be deleted. 62% of us now rely on accessing a personal profile on a social media site as a memorial to someone we have loved.

There are very few Platforms that offer an encrypted storage solution that transcends time and with the ability to migrate data so that a person can write their life story and access their data now and can leave their legacy not only for their family to see now, but for future generations.

Unlike BioJars, many Social Media site are no more than advertising platforms, where algorithms decide what you view.

You may start a Life Bio for a child under 13 from within the BioJars Platform. You will be their Guardian and their Bio will be attached to your account. A child under 13 may not have their own BioJars Account.

The Life Bio of child will appear in search, but only their first and last name will be displayed. Profile image and all other identifying details will be concealed.

You may start a Life Bio for a child over the age of 13 from within the BioJars Platform. However, if the child is over the age of 18, you will be required to add their email and phone number and a notification will be sent to them to set up a BioJars Account. They will be the owner of their Life Bio and you will be the Guardian of their Bio which will be attached to your account.

You may start a Life Bio for an Adult that is computer illiterate or lacks the mental capacity to do so, such as a person with a disability or illness from within the BioJars Platform. You are required to give details of the relationship you have with the person, Family, Friend, Professional or Volunteer.

You can create a Legacy Bio from within the BioJars Platform and will be assigned the role as their Guardian. You can add information to their Bio as if you were them and invite people to become members of their Tribe so that they can read and print out a copy of their story. Don’t forget you can still decide who can see what information by setting the Secret Keeper when uploading or editing a Memory or Thing.

On a free plan the file upload size is limited to 10MB. On any paid plans the file upload size is limited to 500MB which will ensure that an uncompressed 3 minute video clip, or a compressed 30 min video clip, can be stored in BioJars.

You may upload 24 Memories & 24 Things to each Bio attached to your account. Your account has your Life Bio attached to it. You can also attach up to 4 Life Bios (Child or Adult Assisted Bios) and 4 Legacy Bios you are the Guardian of. 2GB of data can be stored across all of your Bios with a file size limit of up to 10MB each.

BioJars encourages all users to assign a Guardian to their Life Bio. In the event of your death, your Guardian can transition your Life Bio to your Legacy Bio and your information will be preserved. All other Bios attached to your account will be preserved. Your BioJars Account will be deleted after 1 year of your death.

An inactive free account with a Life Bio attached will expire after 1 year – and the contents will be deleted.

On a free plan you can capture your life story with 24 Memories & 24 Things and print out a Life Story Book. You will not have to upgrade to a paid plan unless you want to add more Memories & Things or data across all the Bios attached to your account, upload larger file sizes or be a Guardian of more than 4 Life Bios or 4 Legacy Bios.

The BioJars platform, particularly it’s security solution will keep pace with future technology changes. Therefore, BioJars will need to continuously update its encryption methodology and migrate to new systems and storage solutions.

This requires a team of specialists to ensure your data is safe and secure across time for access not only by you and your family that exists today, but by future generations. It’s the old adage, you get what you pay for!

If you have had a continuous paid Plan for more than 3 years you may choose to pause a BioJarsGold Plan. A BioJarsPause plan will allow you to log in and view the content but you will only be able to add or edit 3 Memories or 3 Things each year on each Bio attached to your Account unless you reactivate a BioJarsGold plan.

If you want to delete your BioJars account, you will be able to print out your life story as a pdf and or download your content in a portable format.

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